Article I
Name, Seal, and Office

Section 1.   The Society shall be called  the Crop Science Society of the Philippines.
Section 2.   The seal of the Society shall be two blades of grass with the initials of the Society in capital letters across the top of the year of its founding (1970) across the bottom all in green, against a yellow rectangular frame.
Section 3.   The society has its headquarter at the College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines, Los Baños, College, Laguna.


Article II

Section 1.   The Society shall be a non-stock, non-profit corporation devoted to:

  1. Promote basic and applied researches on crops and related sciences
  2. Foster high quality education in crop science
  3. Encourage professional advancement of its members
  4. Promote dissemination and exchange of knowledge in crop science and crop production
  5. Cooperate with the Institutions, both public and private, the solution of problems encountered in crop production


Article III

Section 1.   Membership to the Society shall be open to all individuals interested in the objectives and programs of the Society.
Section 2.   Charter members shall be those inducted in the first ceremony of the Society.
Section 2.1.   Regular members shall hold a Bachelor of Science degree and be actively engaged in crop science teaching, research, and extension, farm management and consultation, and agricultural products promotion and development.Life membership shall be accorded to present members who can pay dues equivalent to ten (10) years.
Section 2.2.   Associate members shall be graduates of non-BS course, undergraduate students in agriculture, and farm leaders not falling under the regular membership category.
Section 2.3.   Sustaining members shall be corporations, institutions, and other organizations’ interested in the objectives and programs of the society.
Section 2.4.   Only regular members are qualified to be selected to the board.  Associate and sustaining members are non-voting members.


Article IV
Officers and Tenure of Office

Section 1.   The board of directors duly elected by the general membership shall be composed of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, auditor, public relations officer, five board members and the immediate past president.
Section 2.   The board of directors shall elect from among themselves the set of officers.
Section 3.   The vice-president, auditor, pro shall hold office for one (1) year, the secretary, treasurer, and board members for three (3) years. The board may appoint the secretary, treasurer, pro, and auditor.
Section 4.   The vice-president shall automatically succeed to the presidency at the close of the succeeding annual general meeting of the society.
Section 5.   The past president shall serve as non-voting chair of the board and shall preside over the board meetings.


Article V
Duties of the Board of Directors and Officers

Section 1.   The board of directors is the legal representative of the society and as such, shall administer society properties and affairs.  It shall be the final authority on the society’s affairs in conformity with the society’s constitution.
Section 2.   President – the President shall be the chief executive officer of the society.  He shall preside at business meetings and general sessions of the society, countersign all disbursements made by the treasurer, and perform other duties inherent to the position of the chief executive officer.
Section 3.   Vice-President – the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the president in case of the disability or incapability of the president and shall assume the presidency in case of the resignation or permanent disability or permanent incapacity of the president.
Section 4.   Secretary – the Secretary shall keep the records of the society, mail to members’ notices of meetings, announcements, and policies.
Section 5.   Treasurer – the Treasurer shall collect dues from members and other monies and disburse them accordingly.  He shall also take charge of the Philippine Crop Science Journal finances.  He shall render financial report to the society at each annual meeting and whenever necessary.
Section 6.   Auditor – the Auditor shall audit the financial transactions of the society.
Section 7.   Public Relations Officer – the public relations officer shall take charge of the society’s newsletter and press releases.


Article VI

Section 1.   Executive committee – the committee shall consist of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, auditor, and public relations officer. The executive committee shall have the power to act for the board on all matters that arise between meetings of the board.
Section 2.   Standing committees – the president shall create the following standing committees:

  1. Membership Committee –  the membership committee shall promote membership in the society by publicising its aims and objectives to prospective members and maintain contacts with individual members.  The vice-president shall serve as its chair.
  2. Nomination and Election Committee – the nomination and election committee shall search and screen prospective nominees for the board of directors and shall submit to the members of the society the names for selection.  The immediate past president shall serve as chair.
  3. Fund Generation Committee – the fund generation committee shall raise funds for the society.  The treasurer shall serve as its chair.
  4. Documentation Committee – the documentation committee shall take charge of gathering information, data, and other pertinent materials for documentation of society events.  The public relations officer shall serve as its chair and the secretary as member.


Article VII
Regional Chapter

Section 1.   Regional chapters shall be created to enhance the attainment of the objectives and programs of the society.
Section 2.   Regional chapters shall be created based on geographic location in the Philippines.
Section 3.   Membership shall be composed of CSSP members residing in the specific region or geographic location.
Section 4.   The CSSP Regional Chapter shall elect from among themselves the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and Press Relations Officer.
Section 5.   The function and duties of the officers shall be patterned after article v of the constitution. However, the officers are not allowed to transact business for and in behalf of the CSSP without authority of the national board.
Section 6.   The regional chapter is authorized to collect 20% from annual dues aside from the annual fees the chapter wishes to collect from its membership.
Section 7.   The regional chapter may collect other fees from its members as maybe agreed upon by the majority of the chapter members.
Section 8.   In cases of death, resignation, expulsion or disability of any member, the board of directors shall appoint a replacement who will come from the list of candidates from the previous election and shall serve the remaining term of office until the next election.


Article VIII

Section 1.   The constitution may be amended by two-thirds majority vote of those members attending any annual meeting.
Section 2.   The proposed amendments shall be submitted to the board of directors one month before the general assembly meeting.
Section 3.   The amendments become effective upon approval by the simple majority of regular members.


Article IX

Section 1.   The annual dues shall be determined by the board of directors. Notice of change in annual dues shall be sent for each member at least thirty (30) days before the annual meeting. Dues are receivable on or before the annual scientific conference. Members in arrears after conference for dues for the current year shall be dropped from the rolls of the society. Members shall be reinstated for the current year upon payment of annual dues.
Section 2.   Lifetime membership shall be accorded to present members who can pay dues equivalent to ten (10) years.


Article X

Section 1.   The society shall have a scientific journal and other publications whose nature shall be determined by the board of directors.


Article XI

Section 1.   This constitution shall take effect upon approval of two thirds (2/3) of regular members.