Guidelines on CSSP Membership

  • Membership shall be open to 1) BS Agriculture graduates, 2) or college graduates currently working in the field of crop sciences, or 3) at least 2 years in college with 5 years experience in the same field.
  • Membership is granted after completion of membership application and payment of membership fee.


Types of membership and fees:

  1. Local
    • Regular: PHP 500.00
    • Lifetime: PHP 3,000.00
  2. Foreign
    • Regular: $ 30.00
    • Lifetime: $ 100.00

NOTE: Annual dues of PHP 200.00 for local and $ 10.00 or equivalent for foreign nationals should be paid thereafter (or after initial payment of PHP 500.00 and $ 30.00, respectively).



  • Membership fee may be paid through the bank account listed in the membership form.
  • A copy of membership certificate, ID, and official receipt will be sent to the member.
  • ID is valid for one (1) year and may be renewed by paying annual dues. Lifetime members are provided with a one-time ID.